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Just me being me. My name is Chaosflames (Khaozflames). I love gaming and giving off a show. I mainly play alot of fighting games. I also love Action/adventure as well.

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What's good everyone I go by the name Khaozflames (Chaosflames on PSN). As of now im just getting the hang of setting up my info and all that other good stuff. I own a PS4/PS3. I do play alot of fighing games. I will be making a list of games that I do play. I only stream from my PS4 till I get a new PC or fix the one I have. Once all said and done I will be streaming everything I can. I will have a set schedule soon. So far my streaming schedule is crazy because of my work Hrs. So if everyone can bare with me on that thank you very much.
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My Facebook page....its for gaming and maybe some crazy things lol...add it and follow along

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Hey Yall go follow om on Twitter as well to keep track for when I go live.

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#Header1 Click the pic to see my [domain]( and enjoy my vids