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Korean American currently living in Korea

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Korean American living in Korea. **Currently playing :** Lost Ark Rainbow 6 Siege Escape From Tarkov Divinity Original Sin 2 Escapist 2 Guild Wars 2 HoT + PoF Fortnite Streets of Rogue PUBG Grim Dawn Helldivers Stonehearth Rimworld Avorion Battlefield 1 Astroneer Paragon Dungeon of the Endless Need for Speed Factorio Overwatch Stardew Valley Enter the Gungeon League of Legends Korea *ARAM only* The Division ~~Paladins~~ ~~Brawlhalla~~ Battlenet ID: richong#1509 (Asia) richong#3692 (US) Heroes of the Storm NA/Asia ~~Hearthstone NA/Asia~~ ~~Diablo 3 NA/Asia~~ Glyph: kibbleh21#6147
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This stream uses custom emotes! They are all public so download the plug-in for your browser and spam away! KibCool KibFail KibFeels KibHype KibJori KibYori KibRage KibWut KibWut2

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Streaming Computer * intel core haswell i7 4770k * asus z87-pro * 16 GB ddr3 * nvidia geforce gtx 760 * Logitech HD Pro C920 * Logitech Webcam C170 Gaming Computer * intel core i7-6700K 4.0 * asus maximus viii hero atx lga 1151 * corsair 16gb dr4 3200 * samsung pro 256 m.2 2280 SSD * 1TB barracuda 7200 HDD * GTX 1070 * 1000W 80+ Gold


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Donations go toward helping me improve the stream as well as feeding mah belly.

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Trindmer $40 + Enter the Gungeon adRocZ $21 candypearl $15 bekahblue 10$ Silenux $10 + Rocket League SupraRage Dungeon of the Endless cupnoodletv $5 ggJax $5 TwiTwiqwe $2 Aretria $1 Anyx Ultimate Chicken Horse