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Hey! Like to hang out and chat? Like to shoot things and make things go boom?! WANT TO BE SOME KIND OF KILLER TOY?!?! Well, me too! If you said no to these things ...well, er... Come hang out anyway and watch me scream in shock and terror at loud noises, zombles, monsters and jump scares! ^_^

What Makes A KillToY!

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I see you have a curious mind - only the inquisitive, only those who are special and brazen take to the road of discovery to find out WHAT makes a KILLTOY a killtoy. This has been my Alias/Gaming Handle for 17 years! A Killtoy is a FPS specialist, put a gun in their hands and carnage ensues! - Get those frags and OWN!!! (Hence the 'KILL' ) A Killtoy loves to chat and have a laugh. Community and friends are everything to a Killtoy; Just because you are a hardcore fraggin' machine, doesn't mean you can't have a soft, squishy, playful side too! (Hence the 'TOY' ) So - Think you have what it takes?! Then take up a game, start fragging out and be a lovable prankster and killing machine just like yours truly ;) OH! - ALSO - I'm a HUGE CRITICAL ROLE FAN :D (Hello Bees) GOOD LUCK! AND WELCOME TO THE TOYBOX!


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Thank you very much for considering to [DONATE] ( ! :D First time Streamer, First Class dreamer. With your generosity i can further help my stream grow ! Much appreciated <3

Behind The KillToY1337

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My name is Levi and i'm 29 years old (forever, i won't turn 30 ) I live in Yorkshire, England and i love gaming! I've always wanted to stream since i was in my early teens, but it wasn't really a thing back then ... was just castle walls and plebeians ploughing the fields - okay, i'm not THAT old. I've only recently had a computer capable of playing any games as well as streaming - with a little nudge and encouragement from friends - i've decided to FINALLY get the ball rolling so to speak :) I play FPS games like .. CSGO / CUISINE ROYALE,/ VALORANT I dabble in other shooters such as ESCAPE FROM TARKOV / RUST/ RAINBOW 6 SIEGE But i do like to play other games both multiplayer and solo like... OVERWATCH 7 DAYS TO DIE WARHAMMER VERMINTIDE 2 ELITE DANGEROUS WORLD OF WARCRAFT to name but a few! I also on occasion play games like MAGIC THE GATHERING IRATUS LORD OF THE DEAD and an assortment of Indie Games! Love me some RPG Adventure as well - Big Fan of the FALLOUT series as well as the ELDERSCROLLS series. So if you are still reading, you got it, i like my games. Any game is good when you have good friends to play with. I love to meet and talk to new people so please pop on by whenever you want and join the banter!!! :D CUSTOME EMOTES created by: Scene Audio:

The Loadout

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System Specs: - ZOTAC GEFORCE RTX 2080 (AMP EXTREME) - AMD RYZEN 3900X Processor - X570 AORUS ELITE Motherboard - CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO 64GB RAM - CORSAIR H115i RGB PLANTINUM LIQUID COOLER - SAMSUNG 860 EVO 1TB - SEASONIC PLUS PLATINUM 850W Modular ATX Power Supply - NOCTUA NFA14 PWM82.5 CFM 140 mm Fans x 3 - NZXT H700 ATX Mid Tower Case Peripherals: - CORSAIR VOID PRO WIRELESS HEADSET - Stand Alone Desk Mic (a cheap regret from Wish - i know xD ) - AOC 32" Curved Monitor 2560x1440 (Display 1) - DELL (Smaller monitor) 1280x1024 -Corsair SABRE Champion Series RGB PRO Mouse - A generic RGB KEYBOARD ( i ran out of money at this point) - MOUSE/KEYBOARD PAD XXL (800x400x2.5 mm)-Black

RULES for stream AND to live by

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1) RACISM will NOT be tolerated. 2) HOMOPHOBIA will NOT be tolerated. 3) DISCRIMINATION towards anyone based on religious beliefs and disabilities will NOT be tolerated 4) DO NOT post any links without prior permission 5) BE RESPECTFUL of one another and mindful of what you say and do. 6) If i do not know you and have not given the okay - DO NOT promote other streams or platforms. 7) Both my MODS and MYSELF reserve the right to timeout/ban anyone if the reason is justified. 8) Remember to have fun and love each other - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 9) Please. PLEASE...if you make a cup of tea, BREW IT CORRECTLY and DON'T put the milk in first - EEW