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Just a fermented cabbage having fun

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🦋Hi, my Twitch name is pronounced Kimmy-chi. It's supposed to be a mixture of Kimmy and Kimchi. However, you can call me Kim or Kimmy. At the moment I mostly stream IRL cooking, where I make a variety of dishes. Vibes are a blend of chill and chaos, but overall fun. I'm still testing what days work for me, so I don't have a fixed schedule yet. I recommend following my Twitch channel to be alerted when I'm on. Overall, I hope to talk and get to know you in my future streams while cooking and eating tasty dishes! **Goals:** ♡ 100 followers ✔ ♡ Get affiliate ✔ ♡ 500 followers ♡ 1000 followers ♡ 100 subscribers ♡ 200 subscribers ♡ 500 subscribers ♡ 1000 subscribers
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D♡nations are not necessary, but are much appreciated and can help better the stream quality. Thank you to those who have donated 🦋.
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