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Hey y'all, I'm Kim, I'm just an introvert that streams a variety of things. Just chill vibes (^:

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Hey y'all. The name's Kim. (^: + 27 years old + Hella introverted and awkward + Born and raised in Texas + Served in the US Navy in California + I love food + Chill vibes with occasional salt + I'm a washed up FPS player (Overwatch and Apex), currently just vibin' to ARAMS in League of Legends
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Tips will go towards paying for my college and new gear! All donations are not necessary but appreciated! *(They are non-refundable)*
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) + [Discord]( Join the Kimmunity Crew Discord! We're super active on there and play games off stream! + I accept commissions on Discord!