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My names Hunter I love video games and want to show my passion with them through streaming. Come tag along with me sleepyness and all cause im always KindaDrowsie XD. Mature Audience only🔞!

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This has most likes to my other socials so dont be afraid to come and join!!!

My Discord!!

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Everyone welcome in for the good vibes. Mainly furry's and artist's but anyone and everyone is welcome!!!. You'll see me swimmin around in it from tim to time so don't be afraid to say hi!

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This donation will help me in the future create better content and to hopefully if this channel gets big enough start this as a full time job. Thank you for supporting a bad streamer like me with his future dreams.

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My Name is Hunter and ever since I got my first gaming console I've loved gaming . My all time favorite game is Sly Cooper.. I am a Kindred main with 390k its not alot but its something. Hope yall enjoy the stream and lets make this a Great and friendly community!!