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Broadcasting to me is like having hundreds of friends hanging with me in my home while I play video games. Except, you don't get your nasty dorito hands all over my controllers, nor do you drink my beer, eat my food, rile up my dog, or crash on my sofa. It's a win/win '-'

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I currently work a ball-busting full time job in addition to 'casting. So my schedule is fairly sporadic at the moment. I'm still here damn near every evening though! Follow the channel or follow me on Twitter (@RickJamesTTV) to know exactly when I go live.
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*"You kids keep your noses clean, you understand?" "You’ll be hearing from me if you don’t."* *"We ain’t gonna stand for any weirdness out here."* ~ **Friday the 13th - Officer Dorf**
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You're already amazing for taking the time to come hang out, and I can honestly never thank you enough for that. However, If for some crazy reason you would like to support what I do here even further, there are a couple of easy ways that you can do just that. * **Follow The Channel** The most amazing thing you can do to support what I do here, is to hit that little heart icon under the video player, and follow. That lets me know that I'll possibly see you hanging out again, and as said, that's really what it's really all about here. * [**Subscribe To The Channel**]( Subscribing is an insanely awesome way to support every aspect of the channel. From internet costs, and broadcast upgrades, to cat food, burritos, and more, subscribing does it all. Mainly though, it helps keep this channel alive and kicking. That's the best part. '-' **Subscriber Benefits** * Directly supports me, and keeps this show going * Custom site-wide emotes * A personal welcome and thank you * Bypass slow mode * Subscriber only events * More to come soon * [**Donate to Paypal**]( <-----> [**Donate to Patreon**]( If you are feeling extra generous, and want to support the channel financially without subscribing, you can donate anything you would like, directly to my Paypal account or to my ongoing Patreon fund by clicking the links above. This of course is 100% optional & never solicited. * [**Steam Wishlist**]( Any game received from my wishlist will get special priority for an upcoming live show. Really, the least I can do if you buy me a game is to play the damn thing live! Just be warned though, that it may take a bit if I'm in the middle of a current playthrough, or if I promised another game first. * [**Amazon Wishlist**]( Should you want to go all out, get crazy, and grab me something from my short but sweet Amazon Wishlist, you can do so simply by clicking on the link above.