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It's ya boy Kaz!!!!!!..... TWITCH'S #1 TRASH TALKER............Currently moving to a new house . So I won't stream until a little while

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What's up, my name is KVZMAH (pronounced: Kazz-mah). I've been playing video games since Nintendo Gamecube days. I just recently got into shooter games (P.S. I suck lol). But I'm getting better at it. I play a variety of games, so expect me to switch it up here and there when I get bored. I make music. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and been involved with music since I was young. So, if you or anyone you know needs some music for your stream, hit me up! My prices are fair and affordable!!


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-Be Cool -Be Chill -Don't Over-Do It -Promotion is encouraged. But don't just spam me a link. Tell me about yourself and what makes you, you!


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