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If PlayingThe F*cking Objective (PTFO) had a channel it would be my channel .. So if you like camping then ✌🏾For everyone else enjoy and during intermission check out some of my epic gameplay from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 .. Join the chat and always keep it respectful ..

KingDreFTW The LIVESTream

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Welcome to The LIVESTream !! I appreciate everyone who's supporting my channel and helping my audience grow everyday. I livestream games on PS5 or PC. I mainly been streaming BF1 and Battlefield 2042 on PS5. So make sure not to miss one of my beastly gameplays LIVE but if you did miss my livestream check out some of my previous highlights. ✌🏽

PC Specs

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CPU: i9 13900K✅ CPU COOLER: Corsair H150i LCD XT✅ GPU: ASUS TUF 4080✅ MOBO: ASUS ROG Maximus Hero Z790✅ STORAGE: WD Black 850X NVMe M.2 2TB✅ RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance RGB 64GB DDR5 5600✅ PSU: Be Quiet Dark Power 13 1000w Titanium✅ FANS: 4 Lian Li Uni Fan SL120 RGB Black✅ / 3 Lian Li Uni Fan SL140 RGB Black✅ CASE: HYTE Y40✅

My Streaming Schedule

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Sun --- Varies On Football Mon--- 9AM Tues -- 3PM or 6PM Wed -- OFF Thurs- OFF Fri ---- 3PM or 6PM Sat --- 2PM This is my schedule every week ***schedule may vary based on my wife as well lol***

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Dont use Twitter often unless its to share my own thoughts, support or criticize my friends opinions on gaming and sports

Check Out My Youtube

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If you want to see some of my favorite clips and montages then here there are in one place.

Natural Born Killas Discord

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Join Our Natural Born Killas Discord especially if you want to chop it up with our NBK Boxers in Undisputed or NBK Soldiers in Battlefield 1 or 2042

If You Would Like To Donate

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Although I wouldnt ask outright for people to donate to my stream I will however most certainly will appreciate every penny.. All donations will go towards stream upgrades (emotes, animations, etc), equipment upgrades or additions and games. ***Thank You in advance***

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Become a subscriber and show off your badge to the community. I appreciate every sub !!
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***Mild cursing during frustration or talking with friends, music with explicit content and maybe some liquor consumption*** aka Perfect Gaming Session