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I’m Kipataakii (kih-pih-tah-kee) formerly known as KatsuuTV from Texas! A variety gamer who has a passion for story based games, true crime, and self improvement. We’re an inclusive mature community so if that sounds like something you’re into then come join the Tribe! STREAMS RETURNING IN JULY 2021

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Just a few rules guys! I swear! I don't like having to timeout or ban people at all. 1. Respect everyone in chat 2. During Roleplay, please do not meta. 3. To preserve gameplay, please don't use sfx during cut scenes. 4. Don't overdo it with backseat gaming or spoilers. I will ask for help if needed.
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Tips are NOT required but always gladly appreciated! Any and all tips will go directly to making the stream better. Keep in mind that all tips/donations are NONREFUNDABLE.
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