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Consistent at being inconsistent. drawer of cute things

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1. Respect my mod's actions, especially @arabeusz_'s, they're my mods for a reason. First two offences timeout, third offence permanent ban. 2. You're free to rant if you're having a bad day, but nothing against ToS please. 3. Chat rules are as follows: - No flaming/toxicity/aggressive yelling - No backseating unless I ask for it - No bragging about how much better you are at whatever I'm doing - I have the rights to not reply you if you make me uncomfortable - Please do not pressure me to do things 4. Please keep the chat in English as much as possible. 5. No advertising/self-promo, unless I've given permission for you to do so. 6. Any links must go through my mods first, DM them, not me. Thanks. Tl;dr: Be considerate.
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Thank you so much for considering this! Please make sure you're financially stable before committing to any donations. No refunds! (Also I'm not too sure if I set this up correctly on whether I'll get notified of the dono message so please don't get upset if I somehow missed it ;w;)
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Yes, hi. That's me. You can also call me Snek/Ritsu/Tsu. You'll see me draw her sometimes on my Twitter!
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A good boy, he's the initial character that I streamed with. I had to bench him though because I'm too tired to draw two characters (gee who wudda thought) And I have to keep up with branding consistency so there's that. F
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My music taste is all over the place but yeah I typically enjoy anything with a steady beat. I might also play these songs: - Persona 3/4/5 OST - Uniel OST - Danganronpa OST - Deemo/Cytus Music - OMORI Starting soon BGM: OMORI - Lovesick - 80,000 Lightyears
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!commands !lurk (to be updated)


after struggling with my decade old laptop i have finally put it to rest. RIP lappy you will not really be missed - 28/06/2022 CPU : amd ryzen 5 2600 Mobo : asrock b450m pro4 Ram : 16 ddr4 xlrb PSU : invasion ex-550 80plus Ssd : pny cs900 260gb HDD : seagate st1000DM010-2EP102 GPU : nvidia geforce gtx 1660 super


Stinger transition: Just chatting overlay (BG+Chatbox): Squid Game Overlay (slightly edited): Squid Game Artist: Snow overlay: String lights: Bonk gif: Everything else: me L2D Papa: