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Call me Kit for short, I play games.

About me

My name is Scott, but I go by Kit or Kitsat. I am a variety gamer at heart, but I enjoy rpgs and shooters the most. I have a few staple games I will play, but for the most part I play indies/EA games so you don't have to. I try to keep things as chill as possible, so sit back and relax or jump in and get to know me! [Instagram]( [Twitter](
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+ Tips and donations support the stream, and me directly. I appreciate everyone for your support in making this dream become a reality! **Top 10 donators: ** 1. PechuLynn - $200 2. Waterflowz - $190 3. Kevviin1 - $165 4. ll_o_n_i_a - $145 5. Kruemelm0nsta - $100 6. Robomutt - $100 7. AccelTTV - $70 8. Gearboxed - $35 9. IflippenI - $25 10. Hawns - $16

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Just be nice, we're all in this together.