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Just vibing with the internet a few days a week. Used to be someone else, but now I'm not!

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Subscribing to the channel is a cool way to show you enjoy the content. However, I don't do this full-time and have a job outside of streaming, so if you can only sub to one person, please pick someone who needs the money more than me! If you do choose to subscribe you get some neat-o perks! As a side note, I am going to eventually overhaul (change) most of my emotes, as well as fill the 9 open slots I have currently!
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>> If you would like to donate, click the image above. All donations are appreciated. As I have an income source, please don't feel obligated to donate. However, if you'd like to buy me a meal or help pay for new stream assets such as emotes/overlays/alerts then you have my eternal gratitude!
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Take a look into my past. here you will find the history of my speedrunning and lets playing career. I may bring more content to the channel at some point, but it wont be the same as it was!