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If it's not credited here, I most likely made it myself! Live2D model rigging: @rephlanca on twitter Moon Cat scene transition: ZizoOverlays on Etsy
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Welcome to my channel! You can call me Mage. I'm super into anime and Nintendo games! I also am super nostalgic for things from the 90's and 2000's, so you'll see a lot of things from then here as well! I also have a condition called fibromyalgia (!fibro if you don't know what fibromyalgia is), so streams may sometimes be cut short because of it.

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My goal for my stream is to make this a comfortable and safe space for everyone. With that in mind, these are my rules for chat: -English only in chat. I will not judge you if english isn't your fist language, I just need to make sure that the comments in chat are easy to moderate for myself and for my mods. -If you are a minor, do NOT mention your age in chat. This is for your protection. -No racism, homophobia, sexism, ANYTHING of the like will be tolerated. -No spoilers if I am playing a game for the first time, please! -I don't mind if you mention that you also stream in chat. Streamers are my colleagues, not my competition.
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Click the banner if you would like to give me a tip! Tips are in no way necessary, but greatly appreciated! All tips go towards the stream or towards my etsy store, whether it be for new streaming equipment, things to try on stream, PC upgrades, art assets I can't make myself, or equipment to make products for my etsy store from home instead of outsourcing. If you'd like to see what i'm currently saving up for, put !tipgoal in chat! All tips are non-refundable. Please do not tip if it will put you in financial strain!!!