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I am addicted to cats, cannot live without cats and their purrrrfect company. I am happily married to Wildmann74. I love anything purple. Welcome in, pull up a cat bed and get ready for a purrrrrfect time!

Subworld Season One

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Monster Cat

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Any donation is greatly appreciated and never expected. Donations will go back into the channel via artwork, giveaways or new games to play, etc. Donations are non-refundable. Thanks for supporting the channel!

Viewer Rewards

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This channel would be nothing without you, the viewer!! Stick around and earn rewards via channel points! See the "treats" section for current rewards being given! These include games, sub to my channel, sub to a channel of your choice, and more! Each hype train will earn a giveaway for a steam code for a Cities Skylines Creator Pack OR a origin code for a Sims 4 Kit. Any level 5 hype train will also include a giveaway for a sims stuff pack origin code for one in my library. Stick around and join the fun!