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hi there!! i’m chloe, a horror variety streamer that mostly plays dbd. i am 20 & am just starting out streaming so ur support in any way means the world to me. come hang in chat, i LOVE playing with viewers and making new frens. much love from our little community!! ❤️

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🎀be kind humans 🎀no hate speech/racism 🎀self promoting allowed only in discord 🎀LGBTQ+ friendly! 🎀no chat spam 🎀be cool and stay cool :)
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🎀my name's chloe! 🎀you just being here made my day! 🎀feel free to stay & hangout! 🎀any donations or feedback is appreciated 🎀much <3333
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🎀click above! 🎀thank u so much! it means the world <3 🎀donate=chica!
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🎀my ig!! 🎀drop a follow, leave a like, whatever u wanna do!! <3
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🎀join my server!! 🎀click the image, it'll lead you there<3
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-itz_bus {tier 1} -vlirono {tier 1} -nastynate09659 {tier 1}

🤍🎀games finished on stream!!🎀🤍

-little nightmares 2 -outlast -doki doki -detroit: become human