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Kneemos streams Just Chatting, Super People and VALORANT.

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-Hi my name is Kneemos! Just a dude in his mid 20's that enjoys playing games! Lately I have been enjoying Apex but I play a variety of games! -Outside of streaming I am an aspiring strongman, love trying new foods, and huge into anime and movies!


-It's pretty simple around here. I try to keep a calm relaxed vibe around here. Treat others the way you want to be treated and respect each other! -I will absolutely not tolerate any sort of racism, sexism, harassment etc. If you have to think twice about it don't post it. Again be respectful, I will warn you once after that you get the hammer!


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Want to support me even more? Feel free to send me a tip if you would like to by clicking on this image or following the link below! Tipping is never necessary but I do appreciate any that I receive! Tips are final once sent and non-refundable!!! [Link](
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-Clicking this image or using !discord will take you to my Discord! Feel free to join we would love to have you! -Twitter -Instagram for my Strength progress

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