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I like playing video games and doing wood working projects. Please join me so I can share my excitement for these activities with you!

Stream RULES!

1. BE NICE! 2. Racism will not be tolerated 3. No politics 4. Don't start fights! 5. If you are going to start a fight, win it.


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Welcome to my stream! I will try to entertain you with music and interpretive dance with my arms. Feel free to chat, just don't be a jerk. I love it when you request songs for me to play! I love playing new maps I haven't seen yet.

Beat Saber Chat Commands!

!bsr [song name] - Request a song How to request a song: Step 1: Go to and find a song Step 2: Look at reviews for the song to determine worthiness Step 3: Copy command by clicking little twitch icon below song title Step 4: Paste the command to chat!