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I'm a big-time D&D nerd who hopes to entertain here on Twitch the best that I can as a VTuber! Feel free to pop in and chat, or just watch my borked brain work through problems live!

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I am the biggest little dorkus you're likely to meet. Long-time D&D nerd, player of many traditional RPGs, also fan of video games, anime, comic books, and often general nerddom. I have a few struggles with derpdom, but please feel welcome! I always love getting to chat with new friends, and playing games together! Introduce yourself, or even just use the Welcome Wagon redeem if you're not certain what to say. I'm still figuring things out along the way, so if there's ever something that you think can be improved let me know, and I'll certainly try where I can. If you're also a streamer, introduce yourself! Ask me about a collab! I always love getting to play games with friends both new and old.
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I stream roughly the same times from Thursday to Monday every week. Please be patient with my neurotic brain though, I often start an hour or more earlier than planned just because lizard-brain won't stop screaming at me unless I do. I look forward to seeing you around though!
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Up above, or in chat with !discord, you can find links to my Discord, and Youtube! I don't do a lot with Youtube, but always growing on Discord, and happy to collab with other streamers, and help cross-promote whenever possible!

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Click here to make donations, these will help me out a lot with getting better hardware to improve quality of the stream, and more games for you to watch! A huge thank you to GoGoPowerJoe for making up the button for free!