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Hello friends! Welcome to my humble channel. I will be streaming from time to time. I will mostly be playing ARPGs, sandbox games and roguelikes. I have no schedule so drop by whenever. if ever.

Channel rules

- Don't be a dick - No self-promotion - Proper etiquette - No backseating (advices only when requested)

Hello friends!

Welcome to my humble channel. Please call me Koe. I'm an avid video game player. I play all kinds of games, but I particularly like ARPGs. Games I play : - Project Zomboid - Rimworld - Diablo 2 : Resurrected - Stoneshard


- !murder [username] (Holding a grudge? This is for you.) - !glock [username] (Watch your aim.) - !bleach (Cheers!) - !fate (Rimworld decisions) - !bot (+Yes/no question) - !uptime For Moderators : - !so [username] (Shoutout to whomever you select) If you're special, there may be a hidden command dedicated to you. Type !(your username or nickname) to find out. More coming soon.

Computer Rig

- Motherboard = Intel z270X G-9 - Memory = G.Skillz Ripjaw DDR4 4000mhz 64GB - GPU = Geforce RTX 2060 6G DDR6 dual - CPU = Intel I9 7980XE 5.2 GHz smooth-clocked - Storage = 4TB m.2 SSD + 6TB SATA SSD + 9TB WD Hells' Gate - Power = Corsair HX1200i - Case = Corsair Full ATX 780T Custom Purple/Metallic Onyx finish. - Cooling = H100 v2 Custom for both CPU and GPU - Keyboard = Razer Blackwidow Ultimate - Headphones= Sennheiser HD 600 - Mouse = Logitech M100

Personal highscores

To be determined!