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DJ/Producer from Kent, UK. Playing the finest in Jungle/DnB every Thursday and Friday In summary: a very silly man plays serious tunes.


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Welcome to Greg aka Kola Nut's Channel DJ/Producer from Kent, UK. Repertoire // R-Whites // Future Retro // Meditator // Context Audio // 7th Storey Projects // Silent Force Recordings // Sonic Force Recordings // Kola Nut Bio Greg a.k.a. Kola Nut began playing computer games at a young age, mastering ‘Bubble Bobble’ and completing the Bitmap Brothers classic ‘Gods’, where the player is cast as Hercules in his quest to achieve immortality. He showed potential and his talent was obvious. He was given a Megadrive by Santa Claus on the 25th December 1994. Playing games like 'Theme Park', 'Street Fighter 2', ‘Altered Beast’, ‘Cyborg Justice’, ‘Cool Spot’ and 'Fifa 95' he soon built his finger strength and hand eye co-ordination skills. Later in life 'Tekken 3' on the PS1 enhanced his ability even further learning all Yoshimitsu's moves and ten hit combos. This dexterity and skill combined with his love for jungle music lead him neatly into the world of bedroom DJing in 2001. He has since collaborated with scene honchos such as Law, Wheeler, Tim Reaper and more. Along with having releases on Repertoire, R-Whites, Future Retro, Meditator, Context Audio, 7th Storey Projects, Silent Force and Sonic Force Recordings his other crowning achievements have been singing Christmas reggae at the Geneva Cyborg Convention, drawing a picture of a shopping centre and occassionally becoming MC Det.


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Law & Kola Nut - R-WHITES Vol 1, 2 and 3 [R-WHITES] Law, Tim Reaper & Kola Nut - True Belief [Future Retro] Law & Kola Nut - Somewhere New [Repertoire] Law, Tim Reaper & Kola Nut - Unknown Future [Repertoire] Law & Kola Nut - Mystery Flute Business/Uplifting Pad Business [Sonic Force] Law & Kola Nut - Your Love Is So [Meditator] Law & Kola Nut - Detection/Out of Fokus [Sonic Force] Law & Kola Nut - Triton Dawn [7th Storey Projects] Law & Kola Nut - One Tune/Project GAMMA [Silent Force]


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Not expected but highly appreciated.


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Mondays 21:00 BST - 100% Jungle old and new Wednesdays 21:00 BST - Drum & Bass (Kola Nut Does Everything)


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Controller: Pioneer XDJ XZ Turntables: Technics 1210s Mk II Headphones: Audio Technica ATH-M60x Webcams: Papalook AF925 Logitech Laptop: Dell G15 5510