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koragi_ch streams Music, Little Busters! and Cave Story+.

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Konbanwanwan, I'm Koragi! I'm a corgi girl who dreams of spending my days relaxing and improving in my hobbies. I run a little campsite to give shelter, comfort, and company to any travelers~ Come stay a while! At the camp, we try to balance excitement and relaxation. We end most streams with some campfire songs, chats, and stories. I hope you will enjoy your stay and come back to visit from time to time! 「Character」 Model & Rig: Me Crayonragi: [Calavera_VT]( Business Koragi: [Daisukko1]( Maid Koragi: [BuniraPuni]( (Art) [Till Ninkilim]( (Rig) 「Music」 BGM: [lil_xiaolongbao]( [Foxtail-Grass Studio]( [Dova Syndrome]( 「Art」 Emotes: [nanamiyuki73]( BRB Screen: [yoakasi_syokudo]( Halloween Start Screen: [myrkurn]( Start + End Screen: [todakei11]( Panels: [KentaroKUMA]( Milestones: 1K - July 3rd, 2021 1.5K - July 29th, 2021
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At Koragi's Camp we follow these rules for happy living: 1. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself! 2. Have an open mind and an open heart! 4. Please don't post your personal or serious problems 5. Please do not spam in chat excessively 6. Please don't talk about politics or drama. We just want to have fun here. 7. Do not ask for my personal info --- Want more? Try following these on your own, if you'd like~ The Hero Club's Five Tenants 1. Give people a good greeting! 2. Try not to give up! 3. Sleep well, eat well! 4. If you're troubled, talk to someone! 5. You're likely to succeed if you try!
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