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Chill streams and positive vibes~ Let's relax and play games together!

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Hi there! I'm Kou, a paranormal investigator! We investigate spooky places every Friday night, so be sure to tune in! During the week, we keep streams very cozy, so let's wind down and relax together! I love interacting with chat but I'm a bit slow at reading all the messages, sorry! I also typically stream in the late evening, around 8pm to 12am PST, but sometimes earlier if I'm able to. I'll be streaming a variety of games from MOBAs, to puzzles, and even horror. I also love streaming my art! I hope you'll join me on my investigations! Model Art: Me! Maid/Apron Outfits: sasafuru_kikino@Twitter ----- Milestones: Affiliate - 5/6/2021 100 Followers - 5/29/2021 200 Followers - 7/22/2021 300 Followers - 10/10/2021 400 Followers - 4/9/2022 -----
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In the chat, please follow these guidelines: ▲ Be kind to others ▲ Zero tolerance policy on racism and bigotry ▲ Please don't excessively curse ▲ Check for the "Backseating Allowed" tag on each stream!
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All tips are non-refundable, and will go straight into improving the stream! With that said, only donate if you're in a good position to do so. Finances are important! The Ara Ara gacha has 6 different ara aras to hear! If you don't see it in the sound panel, let me know so I can switch it back! Rates are below: ▲ (14.28%) Upset Ara Ara ▲ (14.28%) Cute Ara Ara ▲ (14.28%) Genshin Lisa Ara Ara ▲ (14.28%) Genshin Lisa Ara Ara 2 ▲ (14.28%) Kaguya Shinomiya Ara Ara ▲ (14.28%) Raikou FGO Ara Ara ▲ (14.28%) [SSR] ??? ??? Ara Ara If you manage to pull an SSR Ara Ara I will let you claim any redeem you'd like for free!
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Twitter: []( Discord: [The Kouzy Collective](

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Some Regular Variety Games: -League of Legends -Eternal Return: Black Survival -Valorant -Dead by Daylight Horror Night Games: -Dark Deception -Resident Evil 0 Completed Games on Stream: -Bendy and the Ink Machine -Chilla's Art Anthologies -Cry of Fear -Getting Over It 3x -Infliction: Extended Cut -Kageroh: Shadow Corridor -Little Nightmares -Lost Ruins -Outlast 1 + 2 -Portal 2: Reloaded -Resident Evil 0 -Resident Evil 7 Biohazard -Resident Evil 8 Village -Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion