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I should really write something here...but then, you'd have to read it. Is that what you want? There's already far too much crap to read around here. And...I'm sorry.

Hey Everyone, We've Moved...

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Before you get all riled up like Usagi the Cat (featured above), just click on her angry little scowl and be instantly transported to the new channel, HazyPawDen.

Buster the Dog

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He's a good dog, a great friend, and an essential member of the Hazy Paw team. Buster may have left us to return to the no doubt marvelous alien planet he originally came from, but he lives on as a wonderful memory, and will be forever dearly missed! Enjoy footage of Buster here: Go here or click on Buster if you would like to view Buster's old GoFundMe page:

Twitch Subscriber Emotes

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Affiliates on Twitch get three tiers of subscribers, and I present to you our completed emotes, listed from top to bottom tier: krielcFail, krielcTastic, and krielcRaid.

About the Nerd Formerly Streaming Here

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I'm a Canadian with little to no gaming skill, if we're being entirely honest, but hopefully I make up for it. Hopefully. I've worked as a writer, a teacher, a baker, and with various animals, all mostly overseas. Currently I'm working with my husband, CarefulMoose, on our company Hazy Paw Games Inc., with a focus on game development and writing. Please ask before adding me on Steam or PSN (since I'd very much like an introduction of some sort first and don't accept unidentified friend requests). This channel's casually implemented public Discord server (for announcements and the like): If you're feeling particularly defiant, my long-ago for-no-reason created Tumblr can be found here: Yes, it's in krielcbot's name. Don't question it.

Games List

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My beloved PS4 lets us play the following games, conveniently listed here (or click the baby cuttlefish): Thanks to Bryguy1919 for turning the ridiculousness of this panel into a simple link. Yep.

Awesome Twitchy People. More to Come

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Not that you need my opinion or should be at all affected by my tastes (I would never dream of bossin' ya), but here's an incessantly ever-growing list of Twitch streamers I like, all of whom are toooo cooool fer meee: Burrsky (formerly VillageBear) Smol_Potatochan Onino (formerly PraisetheOnionBro) PapaSJ (formerly SJ_Legend) CarefulMoose (might be a bit biased here, we're married) Aggravatedsloth CitizenofZozo SparkelstheCat RedxYeti NikDSH Flipswitchx pianoimproman Hollowfornow Arctic_dan TheDropOutDragon Evaldis TheTowerKnight northtreetv_ (formerly HG_Branches) 44Moth square_wave Interz TheDodgerRoger Lt_Disco Paper_Bag Lusty_Bard Coojoe_ (formerly Coojoe007) Tayten BuffaloJess (formerly ValiantBuffalo) BasementAymen (formerly MrRog3rs) Squillakilla ScrewyStein DM_Sara AlphaZim Beefy_Ramen SmelterSkelter TaymanGaming Feedmachineow (formerly subien7, formerly Feedatron) Yannheartfield (formerly Chariclea) Slashlord ZBWMusic LadyCon LunaArgenteus skio147 winstonian SmgP4L RollinZion AnonymousSquid ThoseGuysThatLetsPlay WashupCyclone Alburg26 Imsdarkmonk Maddirix Sherl0ckSt0ne Rhofgc (formerly RhoPlays, formerly RhoParkour) Turquoise_Waters xKillerBeKilldx MisterGambino C0usin_eddy (formerly Reverendeddy, formerly Edgelord_Washington) TheApartment (except kilroy_9) Tayten Entropey ZBWMusic rodco1122 Darksou1s Joeletto dookel Nesavar Quelaagging Paranoid_Thief Guido_slapnuts McDrunkard MojosTheName1 Box94 Bryguy1919 IronArkus Brake357 OmegaMercenary EchoesSometimesSouls Calamity_Cookie null_5 (formerly Noah00000) 17tmitchell Nuhkhs (formerly NoxXIV) diossbu (formerly cuhzisaid) Iron_Megan Kerchaak Wrexneck Vultplay (formerly vu1tur3) HalcyonBomb AliveDrive Jos452

Rules...Ugh...and Guidelines

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The standard "Behave Yourselves" advisory is in place. Maybe this is obvious, but...don' an absolute jerk. Criticism of my gaming is permitted, but I gotta say, you're wasting your time, and maybe mine. But mostly yours. I do not mind swearing in the fucking least, but I try to keep my swearing friendly. Have I succeeded? Ask away if you'd like to share a link; the usual zero-tolerance policy for brainless, offensive garbage is in effect. Feel free to lurk. Relax. Enjoy. But mostly...relax. I know I'll try to.

Financial Business. Just Don't.

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I am so ruefully sorry, the spider ('tis dead, I slew it years ago, it cannot do any harm now) is here only to deter you. In all sincerity...this panel is a thing because I'd be a fool NOT to have it here and everyone will tell me so, leaving me to be perceived as somehow irresponsible. Its presence here should not at all be taken as even a suggestion. I have never hated something I've done more (not the spider killing, this spider absolutely needed to die); it makes me feel like a hoodlum, but I can't really argue with the existence of the economy (at least, not more than I already do). Anything that ever does happen on this front will result in an incredible amount of contemplation on my part. I will be pondering for long enough that I may never spend the money itself. Should spending occur, it will be first and foremost Twitch-related. Do me a favour, and don't do this to me. Don't even know what the devil I'd say if you did; "thanks" doesn't exactly cut it. In all seriousness, do only as your own conscience dictates (I recommend this at all times), and know that I will be more than appreciative either way, because you're here, it's a matter of trust, and cash can just go to hell. Ick. The despicable link: the spider, if you dare.

For the Most Unwise

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You'd have to be crazy to click that button...

Succumbing to Peer Pressure

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My visage (as a wee youngling), for numerous people wished to know what I look like and made insistent requests. I look...basically the same now. So there we have it.