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Hey there! I'm KrisMarqz. I'm best known for Crash Bandicoot speedruns, but no matter what game I play, good vibes are sure to follow. Thanks for checking me out and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Never required, but always appreciated. Click the banner to make a contribution~
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- Be awesome. - Respect the streamer, mods and viewers alike. - Don't backseat the streamer. - Chat is English only. - No vulgar/offensive messages, no drama. Keep it comfy. - Whisper a mod if you have a dispute about a ban or timeout. Most importantly though, have fun!
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My schedule is in flux lately and is subject to change, but here is how it currently looks each week: - Mon/Thurs: Start @ 5:30PM PST - Tues/Fri/Sun: Start @ 11:00AM PST - Wed/Sat: Off