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I have a nose Twitch occasionally I'm a banana (that makes sense right?). But I'm mostly a Variety streamer and an over-all nerd.

About Me:

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Hey there! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Krispie! I'm a variety streamer living in Nashville. I occasionally have a nose twitch so sometimes I'm a banana I love games and most things nerdy! Click on the "About Me" banner to see my linktree !Lurk Swoosh Sound from


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Mondays: 11PM-2AM-ish Wednesdays: 11PM-2AM-ish Fridays: 11PM-Whenever *Saturdays (Every other week) *Sundays (The weeks I don't stream on Saturday) *Follow me on Twitter to see what time I start


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My stream is pretty laid back but there are some things I will NOT tolerate. (Rules may change so check back to see changes and additions) 1. Be nice! 2. No trolling 3. No politics/religion 4. No backseat gaming! (Unless asked) I want to build a community that is positive and supportive. I want people to feel welcome to chat and ask questions. (As long as it's not a troll question) Come, hang out and have fun!


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Make sure to follow me! I Tweet before I go live


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My goofiness can be found on my Instagram