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Hey everyone and welcome! I sometimes go by Kupo, Feena (ff14 name), Silver Tail and more! I'm a variety streamer who usually streams late nights. Come hang out and join us! Discord link in videos are active :)

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Hey there everyone :) As most of you know, my name is Kupo but i get called a few other things, like Kupbro, K-po, Cute-po and more. I'm here to do my best to stream and make new friends with wholesome yet sometimes comical and silly fun (unless it's phasmophobia, then it's all out on those ghosts). I work for a hospital during the day, helping patients through this tough time during the pandemic, and nerding it out to friends and games when i come home. On the side, i make small, simple beats with FL studio and love to do woodworking. Do love me some anime on occasion and will listen to almost all types of music. If i haven't heard about it, i'll look it up because i WANT to know about it. If you're looking for a wholesome guy, look no further. I'm here for you :)


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The schedule for now is consistant, and i will do my best to update it. If you want to see the upcoming schedule, look here, and be sure to follow along with the Schedule tab under my username. i'll be updating it more and more as i go. All times are EST. Monday: Raft- midnight until 2:30am Tuesday: Splatoon 2- midnight until 2:30am Wednesday: Phasmophobia/Ghost Hunters Corp- midnight until 2:30am Thursday: Resident Evil Village- midnight until 2:30am Friday: off for video editing or possible make up / extra day Saturday: Final Fantasy 14, Koti's Venue- 10pm until whenever. Sunday: off for video editing or possible make up / extra day

Discord Link

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Active and fun discord made for all where everyone can get together and game on without the fear of judgement. We're a close happy family looking to do what we love most and bond in the process! Click the link above to join!

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links to come soon!