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I live life to the fullest! Avid streamer with a friendly community! I do VRChat streams and roleplays. When I'm not doing that I'm either hanging out or playing other games! GET INVOLVED with the community! If you don't have a home we will provide it for you right here! Check out my socials too!

Get to know KuriGames!

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Hey there! My name is Chris but I mostly go by KuriGames on the internet and IRL! I mostly spend my time gaming with friends! We play all sorts of games here and we have the best laughs with the jokes we make and such! I'm also very loud SO HEADSET WARNING! I'm also a Roleplayer! I Roleplay(RP) In different games all the time! If you have anymore questions please don't be afraid to ask me! Much love and welcome to the channel! DISCLAIMER! Anything and everything that I do for the sake of comedy when I'm hanging with the friends is not to be taken seriously. I'm simply wanting to have the best times with my friends so if you find something strange or off about the things I said THEN PLEASE REMEMBER THIS DISCLAIMER! Thank you and lets have fun together!

PC Specs

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Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 7700k CPU @ 4.20Ghz 16gbs MSI GTX 1070 8gbs

My Schedule!

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Sunday - Off Day Completely. Turn brain off mode! Monday - Ascension Academy RP! 9:30 PM CST to 3:00 AM CST! Tuesday - Open Day! Be on the lookout for Twitter or Discord if something pops off! Wednesday - Open Day! Be on the lookout for Twitter or Discord if something pops off! Thursday - Open Day! Be on the lookout for Twitter or Discord if something pops off! Friday - Drinking Nights In VRChat! Saturday - Ascension Academy RP! 9:30 PM CST to 3:00 AM CST!

Rules Of The Stream!

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Hey! Welcome To The Stream! Here Are The Rules! NO RACISM OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED HERE! - Say Hi! - Make some discussion in chat! You can talk about anything as long as you keep it adult like. This means no arguing with one another and things like that. I'd like to promote healthy talk instead of us fighting against each other. - When it comes to Roleplay and such please make sure you're talking about the Roleplay that is going on at the time! - Be nice to one another! Make sure you're treating each other with respect and kindness! Don't argue about silly stuffs! - Please respect my mods and admins! They make sure to protect your viewing pleasure! - Have fun overall and please DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY! Unless I tell you that I'm serious! THANK YOU AND ENJOY YOURSELF! - NO RP IN CHAT! This creates a wall between streamer and viewer and I'd rather just be able to talk to you guys whenever I have something on my mind. Thank you and please respect this one.


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Thank you so much for considering donating. Know that when you donate you are supporting the stream, myself and the many of projects that I have planned. These donations are meant to help keep my content going. Again, massive thank you in advance if you do donate though! And of course I will thank you on stream as well! So yeah! <3


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Nightbot Commands !switchid - My Switch ID! !youtube - My Youtube Channel! !instagram - My Instagram Link !twitter - My Twitter Link !discord - My Discord Link !donate - Donation Link !sub - Subscription Link !rpchat - RP Explaination When RP is going on Wizebot Commands !fc - Follower Check !plant - Plant The Bomb


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I did this cause you guys asked for it! If you ever wanted to order food for me or something then you can do it here! I'm kind of a picky dude so just ask me what I'm in the mood for if you decide to do this! Thank you very much in advance! This is huge BTW!