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Casual Hardcore, Mental Chaos, Helper of the ill, Feral Sleeper


Tips/Donas go here! They will always go back towards content creation for the most part or saved for future projects!

Games Maining Current

Black Desert Online: Kunoichi LoverLoyalist Dark Knight Fan Mystic RPer Maehwa Queen Lahn Admirer Dota2: Abaddon 3 4 Juggernaught 1 3 Templar Assassin 2 1 Invoker 2 4 Sniper 1 2 Lina 1 2 3 4 5 FFXIV: SCH NIN WAR, Tonberry Server Vindictus burnt out awaiting Tessa


Sometimes there will be secrets
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**So you want to watch video of coool stuff?**


When do you stream? I seem to stream often on Mondays and Friday/Saturdayd Known for being a Vindictus overlord fanboy. Known for being a Black Desert Online lifeskill casual godnoob Games I highly enjoy and play a lot I white knight to some extent but also give harsh criticisms in hope that the game gets better. Computer Specs: CPU: i7-3770k GPU: RTX 2070

About Me

I'm Canadian I'm old af.


A chill out corner, I'm not too active in it, though people wanted this so it's here.