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Hi! You can call me Ame or Tia and welcome to my Twitch channel! I like playing Genshin but I also play FPS and a variety of games! I love water, anime, and novels. Come check out my streams to hang out and watch me play! I might just play with you too!


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Hi! You can call me Ame or Tia! I usually play Genshin but I also play FPS and a variety of games! I usually stream around 6 PM PST!


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♡ Be respectful towards me and others. I will not answer if questions are too personal, uncomfortable, or sexual! ♡ Please stay on topic and please no trauma dumping or spamming. ♡ No backseating, giving hints, or spoiling unless I ask for it. ♡ Don't bring up other streamers unless I bring them up first. ♡ Please keep the stream in English unless I say it's okay. I will not know what you say in a different language and if I find out you said something offensive you will be banned. ♡ Do not tell me when to drink, eat or take a break too often (Redeems excluded). I don't like it when it's always pushed. I will ignore you. ♡ Suspicious comments are fine but don't take it too far! ♡ No self-promotion. ♡ No politics or controversial topics. ♡ If you want to post a link, let me know first! ♡ Racism, Sexism, and discrimination towards another are not tolerated! ♡ Minors will be banned!


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Model Artist: [Linkitin_art]( Model Rigger: [segivhana]( Starting Screen Art: [yuzumew]( Starting Screen Animation: [PriEziio]( Ending Screen Art: [yuzumew]( Ending Screen Animation: [PriEziio]( Emote Artists: [pwintwai21]( & [AerlyaGraphics]( & [llevll27]( & [ruikarou]( & [HamiVT]( & [srita_sugar]( & [vonderwick]( Background Art: [SaruMars]( BGM: [arif_2_4]( Panels: [CRika117]( Game Overlay: [WushiiW]( Just Chatting: [WushiiW]( Chat Widget: [vryhoth]( Stinger: [froshbyte_]( Stinger Sound: [arif_2_4]( Alerts: [KongVector]( Alerts Sounds: [arif_2_4]( T.I.T.S 3D Assets: [belphie_vt]( Vtube Assets: [gaodesuu]( & [Misu_PurpleNeko]( & [gwennvt_]( & [ginkoginkgo](


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If you want to support me for different kinds of content then you can~ It's always appreciated! ♡ [Throne](! You can also suggest some items as well~ ♡ [Ko-Fi](! I do art comms here as well~ However, please make sure you are financially stable!


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♡ [Discord]( ♡ [Twitter]( ♡ [Youtube]( ♡ [TikTok]( ♡ You can use the !social command as well~