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If you came here for God tier game're in for a disappointment. I can only offer you cringe, outgoing, positive, funny-ish, welcoming, level over 9000, community based content. We're all Loonie here, so why not come home?

PC Specs!

Here are my PC Specs! Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz 3.79 GHz RAM - 32.0 GB GFX Card - NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB (using old one until i can afford new one....and when they're available lol) Disk Drives - Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB; Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500G Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz There's more but....too lazy to check the rest lol

About Me!

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**So much to little space....** - 2 doggos and a can ask for more info - Gaming since the age of 4 like everyone else and their mother. - I'm VERY cringe, meaning I make weird faces, voices, noises, I'm not afraid to be weird self and I hope you're not afraid either! - I can play 13 instruments, course many I haven't played in YEARS, but music is a passion for sure. - I'm really passionate about supporting other female streamers (I support men as well of course), but I want women to know that I support them highly and women need to support MORE women, lift each other up! - Huge wresting enthusiast! Preferably WWE (not so much NXT or AEW). - If you wanna know anything else just ask!

Loonie Bin Community!

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**We're a supportive and positive community that are mental health advocates and that want people to express themselves for who they are in a common sense manner....please follow these SIMPLE RULES!** 1. We do NOT talk about racism/sexism/rape/politics/religion. 2. Stream is M for Mature, language level is over 9000... 3. I'm not rated E for everyone, so if my content or me is not for you that's perfectly fine, but no need to treat it like an airport and announce your departure about hating the stream. It's cool, just leave. 4. Do not disrespect my mods, viewers, me or my loved ones, its just common sense and respect, wouldn't you want the same? Instant ban, no warning. 5. If you ask for me to show my "chest balls", I shall, i think i have the best pair on Twitch, you'll just get more than you asked for. 6. DO NOT POST LINKS unless you ask, if i say no, do not take offense. Especially if it is your first time in the stream. 7. Please do NOT advertise your stream, yes, I do support other streams and talk highly of streamers and tell my community to support them but DO NOT come in here fresh into the community thinking its a promoting stream. 8. Most important rule is to have fun! Like I said, we strive to keep a fun, positive and safe community! Be yourself and don't be afraid!


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!clip (puts a timestamp for me to clip something later you liked) !help (The National Suicide Prevention hotline information - please reach out for help) !mods (for when i play RPGS with mods-active only then)** !water - remind me to drink water !uptime (see how long ive been live) !tiktok !dixper !schedule **Sound Commands: !Bigle (made in honor of my mod) !Chwist !Death !decent !deep !Downlikenova !fart !Goat !Hello !Hidoggie !Iloveyou !Kramit !Nicememe !No !Pudding (made in honor of my mod) !Run !Scream !Sebtar (made in honor of my mod) !shutdown !Toasty !Touchdown !Trickster (made in honor of my mod) !Warning !what !whatdidyoudo !Woohoo !youdid** **new 2023 commands** !felloff !begone !ugh !nice !bbq !dialup **Additional Commands !heist (then put the number of points you'd like to bet) !lurk !merch !donate !sub !silent !sounds


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Support me in a funny way with Dixper skills. Visit my profile to get skill crates and interact with me and my community.

Sub perks and more!

Panel Content **We have 3 tiers! 4.99 - Havok emote, 5k radcrab points to use in chat, live thank you if you do it on stream and shoutout if you stream 9.99 - Havok and Alexis emote, 10k radcrab points to use in chat, live thank you if you do it on stream and shoutout if you stream 24.99 - ALL 3 EMOTES, 20K radcrab points to use in chat, live thank you if you do it on stream and shoutout if you stream. Also a chance for me to send you a set of 4 of my handmade fallout bottlecaps of your choice!


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Shoutouts to fellow streamers!

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Some of my favorite streamers are as follows, and you should check them out! **I also do shoutouts to other streamers while I stream, because they took the time to come and support and say hello!** * EllyInVideoland * strikeDM * MetaKarnage * Grandudius * Eyevoree * gAelLevel * aPantslessKyo * Chottis * Jessicblah * Dummblond * xxbrandy * OneForMrsE * Wolfenchode * AngryFrost123 * briarfire_ * emmmmychan * bookwyrm_lady * julievstheworld * gravehag * pinxel * There are so many!!!!


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**Extra Life Charity! 2017 WE MADE OUR GOAL AT $294.00!! Thank you guys so much! I will be doing another charity 12 hour stream in the future. Bless you!** **WORLD WILDLIFE-AUSTRALIA FIRES** 2019 We raised $520!!! **Thankmas 2020 we raised $320!!**