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Hi, I'm Lady Teddi!! I'm a noob at gaming in general, so just tryina have fun :) feel free to recommend games (probably for noobs lol), I'll be posting my schedule and updates on Twitter and all my streams will be uploaded to YouTube, so check them out!!


June Sub Goals 10 subs - Art Stream: Face Paint! 25 subs - Stream as Minnie Mouse 50 subs - Stream as pirate/Jacklyn Sparrow 75 subs - Drunk Stream!! 100 subs - Vote on my next cosplay. and I'll stream in it
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Hi! I'm Lady Teddi! I started gaming pretty much the same day I started streaming, so... I'm a super noob :) I'm still figuring everything out and working to upgrade my tech as I grow!! Art for my twitch banner and channel point logo done by my incredibly amazing follower: TheGalantMan! Music creators I occasionally play on my channel: GameChops -
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If You Want To Help Support Me!!

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Obviously there's never any pressure, but if you would like to go the extra mile in supporting me I always accept tips!! (link to paypal imbedded in image) All tips are non-refundable I made a throne account for people who would like to get me gifts, assist me in getting equiptment, or suggest items such as fancy lights or cosplays for me to wear or use during my streams!! If youre interested, heres the link: -> If youd like to get super amazing discounts on games and also support me, this link will take you to this awesome site with INSANE deals on a ton of different games. And if you use my link, I'll get a small percentage of all sales!! You should also be able to access my wishlist if you'd like to buy me a game you want me to play!! ->
Currently I'm doing mostly RPG puzzle type games, but I would like to branch out and become a variety gamer! Feel free to recommend games and I'll add them to my list :) At the moment I am playing: -Resident Evil 0 -Little Nightmares 2 -Community Day games- Jackbox Party Packs (3,4,5, and 7), Goose Goose Duck -COD Warzone, Fortnite -ASMR Storytime- Magium (Randomly throughout the week, generally after I'm done with the scheduled game) -CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO A BUG: Hogwarts Legacy *Schedule is subject to change due to mental health or general mood* I have completed: Myst, Little Nightmares, Little Nightmares DLC: Secrets of the Maw, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Layers of Fear, SOMA, Starship Titanic, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Portal, Portal 2, Resident Evil 1 List of future games I want to play: -Mechanarium -Obsidian (Myst clone someone told me about) -Myst 3: Exile -A Crooked Man (H) -Call of Cthulhu (H) -Escape Academy -Assassins Creed -Pyst (Myst parody) -Resident Evil (H) -Soulsborne games -Bloodborne games (H) -Dead By Daylight -Dead Space -Madison (H) -Callieto Protocol (H) -Silent Hill 1 (H) -Fallout NV -Darkwatch -Obduction (Cyan) -The Witness (old puzzle game) -Firmament (Cyan, coming soon) -Alien Isolation (H) -Bioshock (H, shooter) -Elden Ring -Sea of Thieves -7th Guest -Grim Fandango -many many more but im to lazy to finish transferring everything on my phone list to this panel Visual Novels that have been recommended to me: -Florence -Lost Words: Beyond the Pages -Catherine Short Term Goals: -Improve my quality of content (tech, tech skills, streaming skills, etc) -Improve my gameplay -Build a kind and supportive community, among both my followers and fellow streamers :) -Have fun :) Long term Goals: -Learn how to edit videos and begin creating multiple kinds of content for various platforms -Continue improving and producing quality content -Continue building a kind and supportive community, among both my followers and fellow streamers :) -Continue having fun :) If anyone has any advice for me, feel free to send me a whisper!! I'm doing my best to learn and grow here. No politics, no hate speech, keep the vibes positive, be respectful and just have a good time!!