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Laet99 streams Star Wars: The Old Republic and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

About Me

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Hello! My name is Laet and I enjoy playing all types of games ranging from MMOs, RPGs, to FPS. I am most known for playing Star Wars: the Old Republic, where I raid with Failure on Satele Shan. I achieved the World First Dxun Timed run and World Second Apex Vanguard with Group Emerald and the World Third Gods Timed Run with Group Amethyst. In addition to SWTOR, you may also see me playing other games I enjoy such as WoW. Feel free to ask questions or talk away in the chat!

Raid Schedule

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Not a thing right now so enjoy the fluffy cow

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Want to give SWTOR a try for the first time or return to the game after a break? Sub to SWTOR and click on the image above to recieve a 7 day sub, free server transfer, and other cool items while supporting me!


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This is a link to my YouTube channel where I post kill videos and stream highlights! Please check it out!