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Hey guys, My name is Peche, and I can't wait to hang with you. I am usually streaming with friends; drinking and having a great time. I have been playing video games for over 25 years and I don't plan on stopping! So come hang out!

Future Games to be Played!

Castlevania - NES (1986) BioShock Resident Evil 4


!stacy !nut !Kenz !aliensong !drunkpeche !shneer
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**WHAT TO EXPECT** Expect a friendly and warm community. We love meeting new people! I play a variety of games. I love chatting so ask me anything really! Welcome on in! :D
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1. I will ABSOLUTELY NOT tolerate any form of racism, bullying, sexism, homophobia, transphobia everyone is welcome and deserves to be respected! 2. Please do not self-promote. Trust me I will ask you about your stream. 3. Please do not spam. That's pretty much it! :)
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I also have a Youtube channel!!
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If you would like to support the channel you can by donating. All donations go towards making the stream better.