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Hey welcome to my channel, my name is Lazorstorm aka Lasz . I'll be streaming music stuff mostly and sometimes games..


Hello and welcome to my stream. My name is Lazorstorm aka. Lasz.and I make noise with my computer. Here are some answers to questions you might ask: **Where are you from?** The Netherlands **Which program do you use?** FL Studio 20.x **How long have you been into this?** On and off for about 15 years **Will you listen to and give feedback on my track/wip/vip/remix?** No.


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**No backseat producing** It is fine to suggest things.. but dont expect me to apply whatever u suggest. I just do my own thing :) Respect each other ///// No racism ///// No advertising for other streams or services (unless discussed with streamer)

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PC: CPU: ryzen 3600 RAM: 16gb at 3333mhz GPU: RTX 3070 Soundcards: USB Behringer UCA222 USB from - Behringer Q1002 On-board, Realtek ALC892/897 Audio Codec Mixer: Behringer Q1002 Monitors/speakers: Tannoy - Reveal 501a, with NanoPatch+ 5.1 set (jvc/sony) Controllers: Novation Launchpad S

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