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I'm lazyboyzworld and I love playing video games especially anything with a good story to it. so sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy the ride with me. army vet , oddball and resident potato from potato town

bit alerts

1 - channel charger 5 - orchid fave 10 - swim lessons 20 - staples 25 - contract disput 50 - taco bell 69 - sandwich 70 - tinder 75 - talented 90 - poop 100 - im rich 200 - mouse scream 300 - boop the snoop 420 - jericho missing good luck charm

games plat on ps5

concrete gene ghost of tsushima bloodborne dark souls 3 ratchet and clank (2016) ratchet and clank : rift apart days gone sekiro nioh 2 psychonuats 2 remnant from the ashes nier automata binding of issac alan wake remastered darq darksiders 1 *work in progress far cry 6 deathloop subnautica tales of arise batman arkham asylum mass effect 1 darksiders 2

personal favorite for games,manga,anime,and tv series.

best jprpg: final fantasy 7 best action rpg: bioshock infinite/bloodbourne/sekiro best manga: berserk best anime: cowboy bepop best anime film: princess mononoke/grave of the fireflies best tv series: lost favorite band : Rammstein new book to read: jack of all trades master of none best resident evil: re2 original/remake and re code veronica


New schedule Every day except Wednesday off start time 10 PM cst