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Hello I'm Le_Pocket or just Pocket, nice to meet you! I'm so happy to be here and just talk to all of you! You're all amazing and I appreciate you all spending time with me! ♥

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Any donations help me a ton for paying bills and being able to keep streaming to all of you! I appreciate any and all donations massively! <3

Song Requests!

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Click the image and find a song, then click the small twitch icon next to the song, paste it into chat and there you go!

Food for the Pocket!

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If you want to send me food click here! ^^


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Feel free to join my Discord community!

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If you want to help support me you can find my Patreon here! Subscribing to my Patreon will help me directly!

Streamer Information

Age: 24 What do I stream? Anything you'd want me to play really, I have a PS4, VR, and Desktop Computer. The Name Le Pocket came from me just jokingly calling myself Pocket when I used to play Medic in Team Fortress 2.

Stream Schedual / Platforms

I stream as often as I can, Pretty much everyday. I stream a lot of different games on PS4 and PC. If you have any suggestions on what I should play don't be afraid to ask while I'm streaming.