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Variety streamer with a love for Binding of Isaac, Stardew Valley, God of War Series, Dragon Age Series and The Elder Scrolls Series

A Special Thanks to these amazing humans who have been an inspiration to me, they can all be found here on twitch! apDrop Adufresne99 Annamanx5 Moka_macchiato Mhientaye OldManSethus Car_6 Also a Special thanks to these amazing artists! ThermalKnight Dragntears DeamHara


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what or who am I?

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Hey Y'all, I'm Leannan, or you can call me Mel... either way, i answer to both. I am a variety streamer, I play whatever I am feeling that day. i am a bisexual female who happened to fall in love with a man. doesnt change, that yes i am i bi. I started playing video games at the ripe age of 5 (waaaaaaay back when NES was THE system to own and the annoying dog from duck hunt made me wanna throw my game out every time i missed) and been playing since. My streaming times vary on my work schedule. i try to be live by 11am monday thru thursday, weekends would be a bonus stream. if y'all love me, or want to see real streamers check out my stream team for some awesome people!!! This is a Mature Stream, so there is no talk of age. I just ask for no racism, sexism, politics or religion. There is no bullying, I will ban if it becomes an issue. Other than that, sit back, relax and enjoy!!! And, as always, Thanks for Stopping in!!!!