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I’m the guy. Yup. You may of seen me somewhere on Namalsk taking down pests. I’m Kyle stargazer! And I definitely DONT have trust issues..I am FRIENDLY.. sometimes. // Master negotiator, sociopath, adventurer. // Become a Legend, join me as we create a place of positivity, love, and domination.

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As requested now you can buy me food! If you feed me, Cheers!

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I am a 22 year old dude who lives in Florida. I have always had a passion for survival games, and I love to meet new people. I have done sales my entire life, and have reached a point where I am pursuing my dream of streaming. You being here helps contribute to this dream. Thank you.

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Want to support the Channel? Join the discord! Be a legend and join our positive community, we would love to have you here! Much love.

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Sending a tip is not required, but it would make me very happy! All tips go directly into the stream and creating greater content!

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AS REQUESTED, MY AMAZON WISHLIST! If you buy anything on here for Benni or myself, Thank you so much! You are a god!