I'm just a guy from Finland Speedrun-ishing (totally a word) a couple of games and/or playing whatever. So variety I guess. Factory worker with no sensible schedule, so schedule will be all over the place. Just like content.


I thought of starting to stream because I started speedrunning Resident evil 2 Remake. Had a lengthy break starting from back issues. Have I returned? Hopefully so, but dunno. But Elden Ring.

Chat and "rules"

Main language is English, but it is a possibility I might talk finnish in the comms if there is some in the game and I'm playing with friends, but I will gladly speak english so just say hi and I will greet and talk with you in english that is a no problemo. For now rules be like: -Don't be an ass and treat people nice


My name is Meitz (pron. Mates.) which is how you would pronounce a mage (Meitz = mates = mage, simple right?) in rallyenglish pretty much. All this is from the days of WoW. Le came from invading french servers when our main server was down and it stuck because it's not taken as often as Meitz. I humbly apologize for the inconvenience I have caused for all the french people out there.