Just some Canadian guy that really likes puns and video games. Mostly an RPG gamer, but you may still see platformers or other stuff from time to time.

Chat Rules

1: No racism, sexism, or generally bigoted remarks. Blatant disregard for other people is simply not okay. 2: Avoid Politics, Religion, or other divisive issues. The chance of said subjects coming up and not degrading into some sort of an argument is generally pretty low. 3: Don't spoil things, jokingly or otherwise. Joke spoilers aren't funny because the people that would be spoiled have no way of knowing if it's a joke. There may also be people in chat that have never played a certain game before, even when I have. Be mindful. 4: Don't backseat or provide advice unless I ask a question that is specifically directed at chat. This includes both Story and Mechanics. 5: Keep overly sexual talk out of chat. Innuendo is fine, just keep it subtle and/or classy. 6: Try to keep swearing to a minimum. Things will slip out, and that's okay. I'll probably swear from time to time too. There may be people watching with their children present that do not want them exposed to such language however. 7: Don't call out Lurkers.


Stream schedule is up in the air right now, but will typically start between 6:30 and 7PM Eastern and last for at least 3 hours. Follow me on [Twitter](https://www.twitter.com/Lethelyn) for stream cancelations or updates


Panel Content
Tips are never expected or required. Stream content, and relevant vods/highlights, will remain available for free so long as I have any say in the matter. If you happen to enjoy the stream and feel like supporting it however - Thank you!