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Streaming 7 Days to Die with 2 viewers

Jammin' fox, DiscoFox, Chill Streams, and Mid to Low-Tier gameplay with persistence like you wouldn't believe. Join the Coalition of Faux Foxes Foxing Foxes today!


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Subscribe today and get these benefits! - Support a Foxxo! - Ad free viewing! Cause god it gets annoying! - Five(5) Standard Emotes and, up to 5 bit emotes! - Access to a super secret club where we get together and wear masks and put people in a small arena where they have a Bare-Fisted Deathma-... Oh we're not doing that one? Oh.
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I took away the rules but the fox looks really cute with the tie so he stays.

Tip the greedy foxxo!

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Consider tipping your fox because... yeah!
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Feel free to join, read the rules and enjoy.