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it's pronounced "limeade – nectar"

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**"limeade – nectar"** (he/they) lime/limeade is fine washed up streamer *(art/music "content");* i live in *pacific time (PST // UTC -8);* *half-filipino* so i sing a lot; *socially awkward,* sorry if i'm quiet; 日本語少しできます *(下手www)* > [**faq**]( > [**!songqueue**]( *(for music streams)*
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don't know how to promote myself but hi: > **bandcamp** *(music):* [limeadenectar]( > **commissions/portfolio** *(art):* [info]( > **twitter** *(shitpost rt's):* [@limeadenectar]( > **discord** *(social anxiety):* *@limeadenectar#6243* // [Discord Server](
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*[please check out these people too](* [i still appreciate any support](, of course; any money sent's going to wherever (either bills, savings or retail therapy)