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linkion408 streams Rocket League and Splitgate.


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dont be rude or toxic you will be warned the first time after that its either a timeout or ban depending on severity positive vibes have fun

about me and my goal

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hello everyone, my names linkion408 or just link is fine also, i stream fsp's mainly but also stream other games to like rocket league, dcuo and god eater, my goal is to make a spot where people can come chill and have a good time away from all the toxicity and the stress and to learn more about everyone :),and welcome to the horde everyone


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put a ! in front of any of these to set off a free sounds alert. 420,arh,boop, crickets, fbi, hellyeah, listen, mission, nuke, order66, rawr, rimshot, scream, slap, souls, trap, uwu, vacuum, wow


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for right now l stream mostly on Thursday, Friday and Sunday there is also sometime a stream on any day before that if i feel well enough