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Innovative. Interactive. Intoxicating. And now interconnected on the internet. She/Her.

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Hi! Jay here. I founded Liquid Kourage Entertainment all the way back in 2003 with one simple idea; bar entertainment could be done better. Now, thanks to COVID-19, bar entertainment took a massive economic hit, from which it still has a long way to recover. Which sucks. So, we've moved online! This Twitch channel allows us to run a virtual entertainment platform, focused primarily on trivia and trivia-adjacent interactive games. We also do karaoke sometimes, and bingo, and really whatever clever idea I can come up with. Please join us here. The seats are warm and the taps are self-serve.
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* **No Hate Speech** Seriously. GTFO if you plan on spreading that stuff. My team of bouncers and I will gladly show you the door with a ban. * **No answers in chat** Accidents happen, but answers revealed in chat are subject to deletion/timeouts/bans depending on the circumstances. * **Keep it adult, but keep it cool** This is a channel intended for adults, and I'm going to use a very lax policy of policing language. Basically, don't spam NSFW stuff. * **No Trolls** Like, if you're only here to agitate people, or spam memes, or generally distract from the entertainment and enjoyment of anyone else, I'mma drop the banhammer without blinking. Most of the people in this channel are my personal friends. And I look out for my friends. * ** Don't be a dick. If the mods or I think your words are upsetting someone else, we're going to step in. Text chat lacks nuance and unfortunately we have to assume worst intent of commentary to protect the community.

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Your financial support is **never** necessary to participate in our events on Twitch, but it is **always** greatly appreciated. Other ways you can help us keep going: * **Subscribe to this channel.** Your monthly Twitch (or Twitch Prime) subscription unlocks access to things like our channel emotes and also my heart just a little bit. * **Cheer in chat.** Sometimes you get excited! By cheering bits in chat, you use special emotes that directly support the cause. * **Patreon** Becoming a supporter at [Patreon]( helps IMMENSELY, and gives you access to special virtual and real-world rewards like shot glasses, stickers, priority sign-ups for events, and of course, my undying love. * **Cash Money** Yeah, we accept that too! For a one-time donation, I have methods set up through [Venmo](, [PayPal](, and Cash App ($LiquidKourage). Basically, just look up "Liquid Kourage"; it's probably me.