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A tribute channel to the TV game shows from the 1940's through today! Catch variants of some of your all-time favorite game shows from television, from around the world. (sorry, no Guts!)Where the three simple steps are .. WATCH! PLAY! WIN!


No New News - Just a lot of fun and enjoyment...

Watch! Play! Win!

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Welcome you to the List Wits Game Show, the original live interactive game show, that comes to you live to your viewing device. We adapt some of the better known, and some of the not so-well known TV game shows from decades past, and bring them to you live, where you can participate and win prizes, regardless of where you are throughout the world. Where our motto is simple: "WATCH! PLAY! WIN!" What could be easier than that? .

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Hey guys, just to let you know.. we've been offered StreamLabs affiliate status.. so please make sure to install the StreamLabs Online Broadcasting Software! And just remember, for everyone who installs Streamlabs OBS from this link is donating 50 Cents to charity! (We don't care about ourselves.. but that charity bit.. every little bit helps!) And yes, we are still trying to figure out what to put in our Merchandise store (and what kind of logo to use)... So yes, we have a [Current Store]( available (just forgive us for it being nearly empty!)

Help with the Shipping...

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Hey guys, with that we've decided we're going to give you a Donation option here.. If you want to help us keep the prize piles filled and help us with shipping costs to you guys, please click the donate button! The more you guys donate, the more prizes we'll pick up and the more prizes we'll award! Please note that all donations will be limited to helping us pay for postage, shipping supplies, and if enough people donate, for extra prizes. (Note that I do not keep any of this for personal usage)

Get in Touch

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+ External Website: + E-mail: + Facebook: The List Wits Game Show + Twitter: @List_Wits_Show + Instagram: dasaintfan + Discord: ++ Voice Channel - ++ General Server - + Google Phone: We have it, but not giving out yet + Our 3D studio -

House Rules

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1) No Racism will be tolerated. Use of racism during a game (whether during the show or even during After Dark) will result in IMMEDIATE ejection from the studio audience by our ushers. 2) Harassment of players: Again, harassment of the contestants or the studio audience members will result in a warning in the off-stage sound proof room, further harassment will result in ejection from the studios. 3) Participation in the games: Note we have two types of primary main games, Open and Closed. Please note that during open games, anyone may join in at ANY time. During a closed game, if you are not one of the active contestants, you are considered part of the studio audience and note that answers supplied by you will not be recognized by the host. (NOTE: We do not stop you from giving answers, you're helping the contestants... that's what a studio audience here does) 4) Integrity/Honesty - I'm not perfect when I run these games and do make mistakes as a host. I try to catch all correct answers as soon as I can, and give credit where it's due, but mistakes happen. If I miss something that affects the outcome of a game, please let us know, but try not to be disruptive 4a) Please note that if an answer does not appear or appears multiple times and there is contention about first answers, my chat windows are the final arbiter for first responses in fastest answer games. **4b) Continued unwarranted complaints about the answers/questions/game play may result in repeated visits to the sound-proof room.** **4c) Accusations of cheating, rigging, or favoritism are NOT tolerated. We do not play favorites among _active_ players** 5) Just remember, we love giving nerdy/collectible stuff away, so other than when we get steam/psn/x-box code donations, all our prizes are PHYSICAL prizes that are sent to you, free of charge (no S&H) away every game show broadcast: So WATCH! PLAY!! WIN!!!