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Just a lady who plays obscure, weird, or bad games a lot. Nothin' fancy! I'm here to cause problems and play hot garbage. I am the least professional stream on Twitch.

About Me

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Hello friends, I'm Lizstar, that weird Goblin you see wandering about. I speedrun games, mostly retro, so if that's your thing come sit down and relax! **What can I call you?** I go by Liz, but you can call me Elizabeth or Lizzy, whatever you prefer. I probably won't react to Star as quickly as those three. I've also gone by the names Liz the Goddess, Marzen64 and Samus Aran in the past, so if you've seen those people around, they might have been me. **What can I expect here?** For the most part, I play older titles. I may sometimes play something newer, but it's usually old, obscure, or really weird. Anything ranging from Gamecube to even old Windows 98 games. My "main thing" is the Sega Genesis. I'm the Genesis Queen, after all! I'm playing all 800+ Genesis titles on a show called "Genesis Quest"! **PG-13?** Not even close. Expect lots of swears and talk about sex.

Quests Completed

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I have a goal to play... a LOT of games. I want an encyclopedic knowledge about games, and I'm going to get it. I'm doing this by doing what I call "Quests"! I'm playing every game ever made for every Sega console! I'm only "officially" working on one at a time, but I have some spreadsheets up for future ones, which I will update as I play games from that console casually. Below are links to the data sheets for each of my Quests as I do them, so you can keep up to date! **COMPLETED QUESTS** SG-1000 Quest: Genesis Quest: **CURRENT QUESTS** Sega CDx Quest: **FUTURE QUESTS** Saturn Quest: DC Quest:

Contact Info

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If you'd like to contact me, the best place currently is my twitter. I'll also post on it when I go live, so you can have a directly link to finding out when I'm playing games, and what I'm playing! [My Twitter](


I'm a really lax person, so you'll have to try to break my rules. That's not a challenge, cause I have some trigger happy mods. 1) Don't make me want to ban you. 2) No racist or insensitive behavior. This is intentionally vague, but it should be pretty damn obvious, and we're NOT pussy footing around this with "oh but it was a joke". We're a LGBT friendly stream, for obvious reasons, so we want none of that here. 3) Don't be a dick. This is self explanatory. If you're just treating people poorly, I'll ask you to stop, then you'll be banned if you don't comply. Simple as that. 4) Links are fine, as long as they're not overly long, or advertisements or something like that, but please try to keep it relevant to the topic at hand. 5) Mods are allowed to ban you for literally anything we want. Again, rule number 1 is key. If you got banned without ever really speaking in here, chances are high my bot hit you. I use a bot that bans brand new accounts, which was set up to stop all the hate raids recently. If you did get banned by accident, you can put in an unban request or message me on here, and I'll unban you. Sorry about that!


I have a list of my records, and a list of games I plan to learn at some point in the future. If you're interested, here's the link: [List of Games (kinda outdated usually)]( You can also find my page here: [SRC page](


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I always feel awkward accepting donations so please don't think you have to, but I'll eternally appreciate any money you wish to give! Other than Bitcoin. If you donate in Bitcoin, or any other crypto currency, I will ban you. This is not a joke. Please go ruin our environment somewhere else.

Art References

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I've had lots of artist friends make stuff for the stream! Go check them and their commissions out! Avatar: PNGtuber Rig, and some of the art on this page: Emotes and some art here: The art on this section: