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yahallo! Im Nero (Pronounced as "knee-row") I Used to work in professional esports orgs and now do streaming fulltime! I play all kinds of anime themed games no matter the genre Like the recent release Granblue Fantasy: Relink! Skillset wise, I specialize in MOBA games Like Eternal Return! peaking Immortal (Highest elo) of the KR Ladder every season! >**✉**


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Starts around 11~12pm-sh UTC+8 6 Days a week (Sleep schedule is kind of messed up rn sadly so it might be later, Will announce whenever I have a day off though so expect a stream still if there is no notice) Games expected to be streamed as of now: Eternal Return (Mainly) Granblue Fantasy: Relink Granblue Versus: Rising
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Very appreciated but never required! Donations help me continue streaming since I do this full time and it makes me genuinely happy that I did something for you to even consider supporting me! But always remember to take care of yourself first! you being here is more than enough TTS for 1$ or 100 Bits (no refunds)


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Games I've Played on stream so far: Eternal Return (more than 7k hrs) Tekken 8 Granblue Fantasy: Relink Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising Granblue Fantasy (The OG GACHA) Arknights Arknights: Endfield Honkai Star rail Zenless Zone Zero Nikke: The Goddess of Victory Monster Hunter World Punishing Gray Raven Blue Archive Hitman 3 Resident Evil Village Palworld Tower of Fantasy Nikke: The Goddess of Victory Dota 2 Diablo IV Sekiro Lethal company Jackbox Games