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Devoted Dead By Daylight player with a Lot of Variety as well Mainly Horror Games! YouTube/tiktok Content Creator that Main as Survivor that Simps for Nancy and also play Killer, Main Both Frank n Susie a.k.a. Legion and Demogorgan!


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Monday 11 am - 3 pm Tuesday 11 am -3 pm Friday 11 am - 3 pm Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm (Stream Length Times May Vary and Go Longer)


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All are welcome in Discord, come join where you can chat and make friends with your fellow community members!
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Rules What the MODS say go Don't pick a fight with anyone in my chat No racism/homophobia/sexism or Any kind Don't spam unless it's emotes No links No bribing the streamer (example being: "If you die in the game I will gift 20 subs") Don't beg for a gift sub Just...Be a decent human


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