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I am LogPowerslave, Founder of the Australian Destiny clan Terror Australis and Co-Founder of the International Terror Alliance. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the idiocy.


I am LogPowerslave, and welcome to my little corner of Twitch. You can find me on Twitter at [@LogPowerslave](! ###Here is a little about me: I am Australian, and no, sadly we don't all look like Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth. Prepare for disappointment if that's why you are here. I record Destiny song parodies, so if you like songs and Destiny I've got you covered for Destiny related songs, about Destiny. Co-host of the expletive laden Destiny Down Under Podcast with Myelin Games and RealTimeSloth, so if you like your Destiny news delivered with a side serve of hilarity, check it out. Founder of Australian Destiny clan “Terror Australis”. Heavy Metal is my religion, Iron Maiden is God. Stick around if you are into riffs! Have a family, who lovingly put up with my bullshit. Not a huge fan of sleeves. ###Music: I am an enormous lover of music, irrespective of genre. I have played in bands, recorded my own and other music, and just genuinely enjoy the variety and personalities that music always tends to bring out. If there is something you are into, share it with me, I'll either know about it, or you can teach me, either way it'll be a great yarn! ###About my Channel: While Destiny has been my mainstay since it's release, it isn't the only game I play. Expect that from time to time, I'll be playing some different stuff. Feel free to throw some suggestions my way. I'm almost always going to be playing with mates. I want to share the lunacy that is Terror Australis with the world. We drink, we swear, we say a whole lot of irreverent shit. If you have delicate sensibilities and are inclined to be upset, I'd suggest you move along. If that sounds like something you'd dig though, stick around and join in the fun. I love music, and I'm going to be spinning whatever I'm into at the time, which since for the greater part of my life has been rock or metal. If you've got tracks you'd like me to throw on, by all means let me know. Hit me up with albums to check out on Twitter, it's heaps easier to come back to than the chat! I also play Guitar, and I love sharing that with people. You'll find me playing on stream quite a bit, predominantly on Saturday nights. I'll throw out the occasional cover, or just riff out whatever is bouncing around in my head at the time. If you've got any requests write me! ###Schedule: You'll find me live and kicking here from 8pm AEST on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday Nights. That's 1am PST in the US and 9am GMT in the UK. ###Donations: I've been asked a couple of times now how people can support me and my channel, and I appreciate the notion more than anything! For now though, and until I feel I'm providing a stream worthy of your hard earned cash, I will not be accepting monetary donations. I will however be accepting gifts of time, and/or love. The best way you can help me right now is to spread the word, even something as simple as a retweet, telling a friend or just hanging out with me here is a huge help, and I can't ask for more than that! Having said all of that, if you are a millionaire who wants to pay off my mortgage, definitely get in touch :)